Organization Chart

The principals of Energy Systems Italy s.r.l. are:

  • Prof. Ing. Paolo Redi: Professor Redi, founder of Energy Systems Italy s.r.l., is one of the most experienced practitioners in the field of PV systems having designed and constructed thousands of PV systems since the 1970s. Paolo has an MS Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bologna and an MS Degree in Economics from the University of Florence. Paolo was until recently Professor of Industrial Electronics at the University of Florence. He was founder and President of Sistemi Energetici Integrati s.r.l. in 1979, the oldest Italian PV system integrator which he sold to a private equity fund in 2004. Paolo mantains a consultancy in PV system design, is the representative in Italy of GT Solar and other PV equipment engineering firms, and is a consultant to several PV companies in Italy and in Europe. Recently he has started a new firm, STechnologies S.r.l. which operates as consultant in renewable energy technologies.
  • Dott. Roberto Rizzello: Roberto has a 1st class degree in business admnistration from the University of Turin. He initially worked as an equity analyst for ING Baring Securities and subsequently for Nomura Securities. In the mid-1990s he returned to Italy to work in a family business that operates since 1860 in precious construction materials. As such he has developed significant managerial experience in construction and management of building projects in the private and public sector. Roberto has as a deep understanding of local government administration and procedures through his participation in numerous public works programs throughout Italy. At Energy Systems Italy, Roberto is in charge of procurement, constuction and management operations of PV fields complementing Prof. Redi's design and engineering skills.
  • Michele A. Bina: Michele has a First Class degree in Political Economy from the University of London. He was for several years an investment banker in London with S.G.Warburg & Co. Ltd., the leading European investment bank in the late 1980s and early 1990s where he was responsbile for European mergers and acquisitions and where he matured significant experience in the power sector. He has since been active as a strategy and supply-chain management consultant to a number of large power and photovoltaic companies including Enel Spa, Europe's second largest electrical utility, El.Ital, Solarfun, Millinet Solar, Solarday, MX Group and several startup companies in the PV field as well as financial institutions and NGOs. Michele is a director of Renewable Energy Technology Inc., a polysilicon and wafer engineering firm. At Energy Systems Italy he is in charge of PV consulting and special projects.
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